Saint Jonas's festival in Druskininkai

The summer solstice, or the night between June 23 and 24, is the time when the day is the longest and the night is the shortest. In fact, it hardly gets dark that night: when the embers of the sunset finally die out in the west, the morning begins to redden with the first rays of dawn. At this time, St. John's Day is celebrated – the festival of greenness, ripening crops and the unfolding of all the vital forces of nature. This is the big summer festival, otherwise known as dew, dome.

Rejoice. Love. Connect with nature. Summer solstice!


June 21-23 from 12 p.m. Craft and culinary fair | Vilnius alley

Friday | June 21st

2 p.m. Education "Herbs tell". Reg. +370 313 52358 | Druskininkai Municipality Public Library

Saturday | June 22nd

2 p.m. Herb weaving education. Price 6 Eur / asm. Reg. +370 671 76108 | Crafts center „Menų kalvė“

Sunday | June 23rd

8 p.m.  Ethno laboratory | The green zone of the amusement square

  • Combine nine herbs into one
  • Awaken the powers of fire
  • Put wishes in a wax candle
  • Point-paint the fern ring
  • Decorate the Dome with a wreath

Guests: the instrumental group of Panevėžys folklore ensemble "Raskila"

9 p.m. Bonfire dancing with Julius Vaicenavicius and the group "Kūjeliai" | Amusement Square

  • Stylized ritual. The ceremony will be performed by dance studio "Opus", Morta Elžbieta Bieliukaitė (vocals), ensemble "Stadałėłė", Tomas Čiukauskas (saxophone)
  • Torchlight procession to the Lake Druskonis
  • Fire and pyrotechnics show "How brave John looked for a fern flower", voiced by R. Zemkauskas |  At Druskonis lake

Around 11:30 p.m. (after the Fire show) until 4:00 a.m.  Night hike from Druskininkai to Švendubrė (13 km). It is necessary to have a light source (flashlight, searchlight).  Organizer Druskininkai municipality VSB | Start at Druskonis lake

The event will be filmed, photographed and publicized

Organizer: Druskininkai Cultural Center

Meant for audience:  kids , teenagers , adults , seniors