Sergej Liser's watercolor exhibition "Fiction"

The opening event will take place on June 7 at 5 p.m. WE INVITE!
The exhibition will be open until June 29.

In this exhibition, Sergej Liser presents watercolors depicting fictional motifs and fantastical objects. The watercolors are inspired by the dialogue between the emotions of the time in relation to water, paint and paper. They are cast simply by surrendering to the will of chance and fantasy, gently directing the flow of colored water on a sheet of paper, and respectfully stopping it in time.

Sergej Liser (1957) was born in Tallinn, but practically spent his entire life in Vilnius. The artist is a qualified engineer, doctor of technical sciences. He became interested in painting by chance - when approaching his fiftieth birthday, he unexpectedly received an easel as a gift, which started a new phase of his life - painting and art became an inseparable, significant, essential and necessary part. In the beginning, it was just a simple leisure activity - independent self-expression, but very quickly it turned into a noticeable strong inner desire to learn and get, it seemed, necessary new knowledge and missing skills from professional painters, artists, teachers. Having started with private lessons, Chinese painting on rice paper, and watercolor casting, the basics of which he studied at Eglė Lipeikaitė's "Watercolor School", his introduction to art was the work with Raimondas Savickas in the Lithuanian Jewish (Lithvak) community, and he was helped to improve the basics of painting and drawing by prof. Viktoras Binkis and Ugnė Žylytė at the Savickos art school. The practice of painting continues to this day in the ArtVilna art studio of the Vilnius Jewish community, under the guidance of artist Ieva Skaurone and art teacher Daliia Matijkiene.

The author of the exhibition regularly participates in various outdoor and group exhibitions in Lithuania, his works are also exhibited abroad (Italy, Estonia, Czech Republic). The presented exhibition is his third solo exhibition. The title "IMAGINATION" fully reflects the birth process of the exhibited watercolors through experimentation, showing due attention to chance, flirting with a moment in time, playing with fantasy, and various painting materials, textures and mediums.

Since the power of art is created and exists only as a special connection connecting the inner feelings and emotions of the author and the viewer, the author is also sensitive to the visitor's point of view - how much power does "Imagination" have to penetrate the barrier of consciousness, touch the heart, soul, or awaken feelings?! Have a good experience!

Meant for audience:  kids , teenagers , adults , seniors