Private Guided Tour in Druskininkai

This tour is an orienteering game where you will be accompanied by our guide via Messenger (a messaging app developed by Facebook). You will only need a mobile phone, comfortable shoes, and your thirst for discovery! Your personal guide will lead you on a private tour where you will have to find sightseeing objects by following the clues you will receive. Once you find an allocated sight, you will be rewarded with a short history of the place or monument in audio, text, or video format. After which, you will receive a new clue and continue the route.
Orienteering tours are a great activity for people who love spending time outdoors. It’s a great alternative for a traditional guided tour, as you will get to know the surrounding area, its history, and a lot of intriguing facts without being tied to a group of tourists or your guide – you will be able to take the tour on your own and at a convenient time. The game will not only get you moving, it will also fire up those neurons in your brain, because you will have to find the attraction points yourself by following the clues of our virtual guide which will improve your orientation skills. It is particularly engaging for children as well as adults.

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